Benvenuti a Casa Di Luca

Founded in 1971 by Italian Fernando Di Luca – Zeta has brought olive oil, pasta and a host of other Mediterranean culinary treats to the Swedish kitchen. However, by 2011, Zeta was facing some major challenges - in particular sales of their signature ‘Casa Di Luca’ range were in decline. It needed a visual overhaul.

Our challenge: A new design concept to restore Casa Di Luca’s reputation as an expert of Italian cuisine.

A tricky problem requires a new way of thinking, or perhaps even a new environment to think about it in. An inspirational trip to Italy lead us to the discovery of a rather small, yet unmistakably Italian Fiat. Inspired by its authentic charm, and colour, our strategy was born – classic Italian updated through the use of colour and visual cues common in Italy, yet unobvious in Sweden.

Our idea: to create a shelf presence as loud as an angry Italian mamma and fuse it with a touch of subtle Scandinavia.

Zeta needed shelf impact. We think they got it.

And, it clearly worked with sales in the first 6 months increasing by 180% against the previous year... mamma mia!

A little inspiration

The modern, Scandinavian ‘Di Luca’ fused with traditional Italian authenticity.

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Benvenuti a Casa Di Luca


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