This is Identity Works

What are we?

Well, we’re more than a simple design company. At IW we are all about brand development. What does that mean? It means we believe in offering our clients more than superficial or surface design solutions, it means we believe in building and nurturing strong, lasting brands. To help us achieve this we’ve assembled an array of talent from the worlds of brand strategy, graphic design, digital design, industrial design, innovation and business analysis.

What do we offer?

Below is an overview of the services we can provide. If you’re curious to know more feel free to get in contact, we’ll be happy to introduce any of our products and share our way of working.

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What 20 years of experience has taught us?

  • Step up your game to succeed
  • There are no quick fixes that will transform your business
  • Change must come from within and usually involves redefining the content,
    context and consumer interaction of your offering.
  • A great product is a must, but not enough. It will need a character to embrace.
  • Branding and design are powerful tools to make this happen
  • Innovative business development and thoughtful design will be required.

This is what we aim to bring into all our collaborations. We lovingly refer to it as: Business imagination & Design intelligence