Top Doodle!

OLW are Sweden’s leading snack creators, but this wasn’t always the case. It may (or may not) seem hard to believe, but back in the hazy days of 2004 OLW were but a glimmer in the rear view mirror of a certain other brand – for the sake of modesty let’s just call that ‘other brand’ NUMBER 2!

It was here, in 2004, that we began our work. The simple challenge: make OLW number 1 across the entire snack category.  

Eight years on with a strategic brand platform in place, an innovative array of assortments on shelf and a hugely successful portfolio of brands to brag about we’re happy to say we’ve succeeded!  

We guess the only thing that might remain to be said is
– ‘Sorry Number 2!’

More logo, more fredag!

OLW wanted to claim the number one spot across all snack categories. In direct competition with a large, well-established, market leader this wasn’t going to be easy. OLW needed an exercise in ‘MEGA’ branding. They needed to think big. They needed to act big. They needed to show pride in the quality of their products.

The OLW attitude: never just simple OLW Friday snacks, always more Friday with OLW snacks.

Bigger is best

No more tiny, delicately placed logo’s here. Large, proud and filled with an OLW promise of quality.

Made mega

Over the years it’s been our great pleasure to ‘MEGA-RIZE’ many of OLW’s product lines. Cheez Doodles, Solo’s, Crunchos and even nuts are but a few to receive the MEGA brand treatment.

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