20 years of delicious, chocolate coated collaboration.

Founded in the humble surroundings of Ljungsbro, Sweden, back in ’62 (1862 that is) Cloetta is one of Scandinavia’s most prestigious confectionary companies.

As our longest standing client, we’ve been working with them continuously for an impressive 20 years, a fact we’re pretty proud of. We’re also proud of the work we’ve helped develop and nurture for many of their most iconic brands including Kex Choklad, Plopp, Polly, Center and Tarragona.

The years have also seen us provide continued guidance for their corporate brand. As part of this work we’ve recently aided them in the creation of ‘Good Fusion’ – a mark to establish their merger with Leaf.

Thank you Cloetta. We look forward to another 20 years, not to mention the next delivery of Polly Rocks!

The good fusion

Cloetta recently merged with Leaf, another giant of the confectionary world. To help unify these global forces of candy we developed a new corporate identity. We focused on the positives offered by each party – a metaphorical FUSION of the GOOD bits.

The more Polly, the merrier

We love Polly and so, it would seem, does everyone else. Our recent launches of Polly Rocks and Polly Charter have both enjoyed some pretty ‘scrumptious’ sales.

Chocolate, coated!

Over the years we’ve enjoyed wrapping many iconic Cloetta brands. Equally we’ve enjoyed unwrapping them – purely for research purposes of course!

Pour te

Tea time.


Tap-dancing star quality


Building a sustainable brand for Jernhusen


Fully Serviced


A very crisp bread

Bromma Blocks

Shop til you drop


Changing the way music looks


Top doodle!


Get it while it's fresh


Eat me


Benvenuti a Casa Di Luca


New start for a start-up


Books, books, books and more books