Fully Serviced

From its mandatory introduction in 1963 Sweden's car servicing industry was controlled by a monopoly. In 2010 deregulation brought an end to this monopoly and the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection Company controlling it. It also brought a fresh, new opportunity knocking at the IW door. Our challenge: create a new brand presence to raise consumer interest in a sector famed for tedious bureaucracy.

Our work started with a strategic focus. We needed a brand platform and positioning; something capable of simplifying and making human.

Our thought: the humanist - a personal and service-minded approach to everything.

With our new ‘humanist’ approach in place next on the agenda was a name. An in-depth generation process lead us to an internationally recognizable name with all the ‘humanist’ qualities required. Please give a warm, new car smell welcome to CARSPECT.

A dash of inspiration

As heart of in-car communication the humble dashboard provided perfect inspiration for a logo, identity and flexible design system. Capable of spanning the entire Carspect world applications included everything from physical environments to online presence. Below are a few examples.

Pour te

Tea time.


Tap-dancing star quality


Building a sustainable brand for Jernhusen


Fully Serviced


A very crisp bread

Bromma Blocks

Shop til you drop


Changing the way music looks


Top doodle!


Get it while it's fresh


Eat me


Benvenuti a Casa Di Luca


New start for a start-up


Books, books, books and more books