New start for the start-up

More than just a cool name, Bambuser allows live video streaming from any mobile device to an online channel of your choice.

Founded in 2007 instant success brought the usual money, fast cars and a dream lifestyle. More importantly it brought the need for a brand overhaul, an update to their visual identity, website and design concepts.

Our challenge: to create strong, visually distinct branding that could reflect the playfulness of a social media service. In addition we also knew we’d need to generate appeal amongst a wider audience.

Whilst a vibrant new identity delivered on the ‘visually distinct’ front, a little wireframe and interaction jiggery-pokery enabled us to expose users to their friends content …et voila - a wider audience.

In addition to our core goals we also realised that mobile devices were a key touch point. With this in mind we paid particular attention to optimising iphone GUI.

To start

For the uninitiated Bambuser allows you to share what you’re capturing on your phone and broadcast it ‘live’, to friends or loose acquaintances, via Facebook and other social networking services.

A truly fun, dynamic and playful service Bambuser would require something reflective for it’s identity. This should be no static identity, we said to ourselves - it should be living and breathing, it should feel alive. With this in mind we created a fun feeling outline logotype. Our trick: instead of filling it with solid colour we placed real video behind to create continual motion

Going mobile

Mobile devices are the heart and soul of Bambuser. With this in mind we devised and optimised GUI that placed ‘easy to use’ as the key objective. Something even grandma could get the hang of!

Home sweet home

Of course all of this would need a place to call home - a website. Something simple, clean and functional. An environment that was easy to use, could provide all the information required and support a thriving community.

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New start for a start-up


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