Get it while it's cold

If, like us, you enjoy butter on your toast and frothy milk in your coffee then we suspect you’re already familiar with Arla. Owned by the dairy farmers themselves, Arla is a global dairy cooperative with facilities in more countries than we have fingers.

Here at IW we’ve been working with Arla since 2006. It’s one of our biggest clients and our work ranges from a global perspective to local level. As you can expect projects are diverse and encompass strategy, brand and concept development, product design, identity design and packaging.

One of our key markets is of course Sweden where we are responsible for all work under the prestigious Arla Ko brand.

Over the years we’ve worked tirelessly, continuously and lovingly with pretty much every Arla product on the market. This means we can confidently say there is nothing we don’t know about the world of milk, fil, yogurt, and cheese. Its also means we can assume we’re not lactose intolerant! Here´s a taste of some recent work.

Going for gold

Concept and packaging for Arla’s recent Olympic collaboration.

Yalla, Yalla, Yoggi, Yalla

Concept and packaging for Arla drinking yogurt.

Get your fil!

Concept and packaging for Arla Fil yogurt. (For the benefit of our non-Scandinavian visitors ‘fil’ is a bit like a yogurt, but thicker and more sour!)
(AND, no it’s not like Greek yogurt!)

Pour te

Tea time.


Tap-dancing star quality


Building a sustainable brand for Jernhusen


Fully Serviced


A very crisp bread

Bromma Blocks

Shop til you drop


Changing the way music looks


Top doodle!


Get it while it's fresh


Eat me


Benvenuti a Casa Di Luca


New start for a start-up


Books, books, books and more books